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The Regional Center at Galati was created based on the long tradition in educating specialists in food industry that this center has to offer. The essential element of the Regional Center Galati is the College of Food Industry „Elena Doamna”, founded in 1966, known to those working in this industry as the Food Industry High School.

Theoretical and practical training is supported both by teachers in the school, and teachers from the Lower Danube University, Department of Food Science and Engineering, as well as other professionals in the food industry.


The Bucharest Regional Center operates in the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest (USAMVB), which houses the pilot stations for bakery-pastry-confectionery and food industry analysis.

USAMVB is one of the oldest educational institutions in Romania, founded in 1852. Currently, the University is a modern institution, which holds all forms of higher education, from undergraduate studies to Masters and PhDs.

Following the requirements of the labor market, USAMVB by means of the Department of Animal Husbandry, has directed its intentions at including the food engineering specialization in the university curricula. This is the reason for which the college has the basic technical equipment, necessary for the formation of specialists in food industry.