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The project „Promoting the access for milling, bakery, pastry and confectionery industries employees at innovative and european quality professional training programs” aims to provide authorized and free training programs for milling, bakery, pastry and confectionery industries employees, for the following occupations and skill levels:

  • Level 1 of qualification – 360 hours of training
    • Baker
    • Miller
    • Pastry baker
  • Level 2 of qualification – 720 hours of training
    • Confectionery – Pastry baker
    • Pastry – Baker – Preparator for flour products
    • Miller – Silo operator
  • Level 3 of qualification – 1080 hours of training
    • Food Analysis Tehnician

These occupations were grouped into three major areas within the project, namely:

  1. The Bakery – Pastry – Confectionery Program: Baker, Pastry baker, Confectionery – Pastry baker and Pastry – Baker – Preparator for flour products
  2. The Miller Program: Miller and Miller – Silo operator
  3. The Quality Analysis Program: Analysis Food Tehnician

Estimated period of staff removal from production – in order to participate in training programs conducted in the project is:

  • 30 labour days (aproximate 5 weeks), for a level 1 training program
  • 65 labour days (aproximate 11 weeks), for a level 2 training program
  • 110 labour days (aproximate 22 weeks), for a level 3 training program

This period covers:

  • 120 hours for level 1
  • 240 hours level 2
  • 360 hours level 3

Practical training in pilot stations:

  • 9 days for level 1
  • 20 days for level 2
  • 30 days for level 3


Theoretical training is conducted in groups of up to 14 participants, with fully equipped and modern classrooms (15 laptops – 14 for participants and 1 for the trainer – for training, interim and final evaluations; whiteboard, projector and flipcharts). Practical training is carried out by groups of up to 14 participants, both in the pilot stations of the two regional technical secretariats and by practice at an economic operator.


All training programs are completed through an examination which tests the skills acquired through participation in the training programs and which is organized and conducted in accordance with the law; whereupon, graduates receive the qualification certificate accompanied by the descriptive supplement mentioning the professional skills acquired through the training program.


Training programs are completely free and, as such, we ensure the participants:

  • accomodation
  • meals
  • transportation
  • study materials and requiered raw materials
  • labor protection equipment according to the specifics of the training program

Participants benefit from the professionalism of the trainers, the entire training process being supported by teachers with extensive professional experience: high school teachers, university professors, technological engineers.

By participating in training programs and by graduating the final examinations, participants will be issued a qualification certificate recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection and by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

Subsidy of 700 RON / participant / training program is provided to trainees conditioned by attendance and graduation.